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Name:sorry about your guitar
Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:Texas, United States of America
Livejournal = [profile] adis723

Fan of things that can be deduced from my interests list. It all pretty much sums me up. I'm a fangirl, therefore I fan.

Caveat: I love Jensen Ackles as much as I love Jared Padalecki, I just... show it differently. If you can't take a Jensen joke, this is not the journal for you, I am not the LJer for you. I am also of the firm belief that Jensen, with the crazy he attracts, really should just hire a full time staff, lock himself in a panic room and be done with it.

Icons: Unless otherwise credited my icons were made by yours truly. Most gradients and brushes I use are mine. However, on occasion I do use the offerings of others. Check out the Obligatory Resource Post for details.

I have an icon journal, [profile] adis_blends, but honestly there isn't much there at this time.

Current moodtheme: Vintage Pin Up Girls by [profile] lookslikerain via [personal profile] soaked

Interests (73):

100% organically-grown jared padalecki, accents, acoustic music, alexander lavelle harris, alice in wonderland, angel, angelus, ats, awkward is my aphrodisiac, baking, bananas/pineapples, blackalicious, brendan fehr, brian kinney's bedhead, btvs, candles and pretense, chad michael murray's eyebrows, cheap wine, coffee, cold take-out, cupcake chardonnay, dark chocolate, darla, demetri martin, drusilla, fiction, gale harold, gale/randy, growly sam, home state boys, interpol, italic emphasis, jared padalecki's alleged nosejob, jared padalecki's cerveza, jared padalecki's flippy-flippy hair, jeffery dean morgan's voice, jensen not jenny, jensen's wheezy old-man laugh, latinate as sam, lewis carroll, lipgloss, make-up, meat eating orchids, michael guerin, must be thursday, must've been tuesday, nicholas brendon, nick brendon, nose smoosh, oh... cordelia! how-i-long-to-feel-ya!, parenthetical commas, phalanges phalanges dancing phalanges, reading, sammy winchester, samuel winchester comma esquire, sashimi, seeley booth's belt buckle, sera ships smith/wesson, shamelessly objectifying jared'n'jensen, shoes, sleeping, smith/wesson, soliloquies, spike, spike/xander, steel magnolias quotage, sushi, the-anti-smoking-forces-are-kgb-funded, through the looking glass, william the bloody, writing, xander harris, xander/spike
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